Incredible photo-real paintings by Sarah Graham

 Blonde Bombshell (c) Sarah Graham

Sweet Temptations (c) Sarah Graham
One of our favorite artists, Sarah Graham, is an oil painter from Hitchin in the UK, who creates these amazing photo-real paintings of toys and sweets. 
 Lollipop Carousel (c) Sarah Graham

 Cupcake Gems (c) Sarah Graham
All are available as limited edition prints & originals from galleries across the UK. Please check out Sarah's website to see more of her stunning paintings and for details on where to buy them. We're off to count the money box to see if we can get an Alice in Wonderland print for ourselves!

 Alice In Wonderland (c) Sarah Graham

 We're off to see the Wizard! (c) Sarah Graham

Sarah's website also contains an explanation as to her painting method which we think some young budding artists may well appreciate. Here's a pic of her in action...

Sarah also runs studio based day-long art classes, a unique workshop inspired by her own methods. Sarah says "The aim is to demonstrate a relaxed approach to painting, and for people of all abilities to come away with a final piece they can enjoy & feel proud of. The emphasis is on fun, and just having the opportunity to experience life in the studio and unleash your inner artist."
 Quack (c) Sarah Graham

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